Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Reflections in Reception - Day Two

The next day,
Back in reception,
Armed with said document.
I am quickly moved by J… into his office
Lest I be seen by the chief.
J… shares the office with his wife V…
What a great couple!
An air of competence and industry is evident.
J… makes two phone calls to corroborate the contents of my document.
It all tallies.
He undertakes to motivate acceptance to the boss.
The boss is in a meeting.
I plan to wait in reception
Until he is free.
J… pleads with me not to do this.
Apparently if the man sees me he will go wild.
He may even get his ‘boys’ to work me over
And then I will get nothing.
I say I am prepared to be worked over
But will wait outside in my car
For 40 minutes.
After which time if the matter is not settled.
To Reception.

J… pops out the door
To check on a point as I sit in my car.
He is with the chief now.
Ten minutes to go.
Well 40 minutes are up.
Shall I give a small extension?
No, here comes J…
He has put my case,
Recommended its acceptance.
The boss will peruse the document
And come to a decision.
I say that if I do not have proof of payment by 10 am tomorrow
I will be back in reception.
I am prepared to be crucified if need be.
But then I think Whoa!
My namesake said that 2000 years ago
And look what happened to him.
But it’s not my money you see.
I am merely a steward.
So let’s see what tomorrow brings.
I am starting to feel hungry.

……..To be Continued

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