Thursday, September 15, 2016

Reflections in Reception - Some Days Later

Well the workers were paid on time Lord,
Not from the R18000 although I did receive that eventually.
But of course you know all this,
You know too about the unexpected refund from the Revenue Department
That arrived in the nick of time.
I have no doubt that you arranged this.
I suspect that at some subliminal level
Employees in the Tax Department know that they owe you one,
Because you extended grace and friendship to tax collectors
When they were reckoned the scum of the Earth.
So it seems like an all round win:
The workers have been paid,
I have been paid,
Relationships are in pretty fair shape,
Why the chief even called about a quotation for another machine.
(I hope I may be forgiven for having inflated the price a bit)
But best of all, I have further evidence (as if I needed more)
Of your utter faithfulness!

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