Saturday, September 10, 2016

Reflections in Reception - Day Three

No transfer into account by 10.30 am
So here I am
Back in reception
Wondering what kind of reception
I’ll get.
Wasn’t sure if I’d be allowed
Into the building,
But S… the sweet receptionist
Pressed the button
That opened the door.
So here I am
I have asked the P.A. to let him know I’m here.
I’m leaning on that promise
That I’ll be given the right words.
J… has just come through
Says that the boss has agreed to pay me
Subject to inspection of the machine.
Can it happen to today?
He checks with the attorney.
“No chance before Monday” she says.
I’ll be quite hungry by Monday.
So will my workers.
But God……

Well now the machine needs to be inspected
By big D…
Before the money is released.
When can it be inspected?
I walk to the factory where D… has his office.
I have a good relationship with D…
Forged over the years,
But he is very busy.
He is waiting for the epoxy-coating expert to come
It is now 1 pm
The epoxy man comes.
He comes to solve a problem.
J… comes to watch him solve it.
The chief comes to see if it is solved.
Sees me looking on.
Offers me a job.
I say, “I might as well be on the payroll,
I’m spending so much time here,
But I don’t come cheap:
R18 000 just to start”
This exchange is actually quite cordial!

I’m now back in reception,
Reading magazines,
But I have the feeling
That this is now counter-productive.
I have become part of the furniture.
I am effectively on the payroll
With a salary of zero.
S… the receptionist doesn’t hesitate to let me in
When I tell her my name.
I ask to see J… and she waves me through.
I pass the chief in the corridor
And tell him where I’m going.
No problem.
I am now on friendly first name terms with
W…,J…,V…,P…,S…,N…and D…,
Not to mention Lindiwe
Who makes such excellent coffee.
It was Lincoln who said,
“Do I not defeat my enemy when I make him my friend”
I sit and chat with J…
He is a marvelous man.
Totally genuine.
He assures me that he will do his best
To see that I am paid.
He has already gone the extra mile.
I sense that my time in reception is over
And ask him to give the chief a message
To this effect.

The question is:
Am I not to eat until the money is in my account?
What’s that Lord?
It’s my call?
I’m going to eat.

To be Continued

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